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Freedom of opinion and freedom of expression are both a human right, listed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Blogging about human rights issues is important - and sometimes dangerous. Many bloggers have been arrested, or worse, for their blogging. Don't let it happen to you. AND don't let it stop you speaking out. If you stop blogging, THEY win. BUT your safety is our first concern. So if you are concerned about surveillance, before you log in or post, please read and follow these ten simple tips;


Update about Samnang fundraiser

UPDATE re Samnang fundraiser;

Apology issued over racist '12 Years a Slave' posters focusing on Brad Pitt

Brad PItt racist Italian 12 Years A Slave poster

The Italian distributors for '12 Years a Slave' have apologised for their posters for the movie, which have been quickly branded racist as they featured the very white face of Brad Pitt even though he plays only a minor role, sparking a worldwide controversy. Responding to anger over the film's Italian release, the movie's producers, LionsGate, have vowed to recall the posters. They have not however recalled this Official 'Brad Pitt trailer' for the movie, which focuses on Brad Pitt's role in the movie.

Sundance to premiere 'Private Violence' documentary - exposing domestic violence in America

Over the next month, we'll be showcasing for you the best of human rights films premiering in January at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival. The first one to steal our eye shows a horrific photo of a woman with a bruised eye - and battered face. Yes, it's a documentary about domestic violence and the question that everyone always asks "why didn't they leave?"

Indian actress Mallika Sherawat speak out on women's rights

Increasingly the world's films stars have been pivotal in advocating for human rights. They use their celebrity on the world stage to bring attention to the most important issues. Sadly though, many are criticized for speaking out or getting involved in pressing issues, by people and press loking for ways to detract from the social issues they present. Indian actress Mallika Sherawat recently defended herself from one such attack, by putting the heat back on the journalist attacking her.

Let's not let the Rwanda genocide be repeated in the Central African Republic

"The international community still has time to prevent another Rwanda", wrote the Guardian this week. But genocide is imminent in the Central African Republic, which the US ambassador to the UN Samantha Powers calls "the worst crisis most people have never heard of".

'The Deluge: The Politics of Genocide in Central Africa' is one documentary under way about African atrocities.

Calling all filmmakers- do any of you have footage or know about this? It's time for human rights filmmakers to tell this story to the world.

human rights viral hit - spoofing Saudia Arabia and 'Thelma and Louise' film

Cartoon about Saudia Arabia women drivers rights and thelma and louise

Speaking of Saudia Arabia's crackdown on women's rights and freedom of expression... (as I did in my last blog) here's a great twist to the story; A cartoon has now gone viral on social media, with Human Rights Watch reporting it's the most shared post on social media this week. We're thrilled to see it references both human rights and film, in the same satirical frame!

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Saudia Arabia denies women's rights to drive, and a male journalist's right to write about it

A journalist in Saudia Arabia has been imprisoned, for supporting women's rights, proving the country denies women's rights, as well as the rights to freedom of expression and freedom of the media. All because women simply wanted to drive a car.

cameras capture evidence of alleged vote rigging in Zimbabwe elections

Zimbabweans - as well as the US, Australia and UK have been crying foul about the July 31 Zimbabwe elections, with credible evidence of massive electoral rigging through ballot paper manipulation. Facebook page 'Politics of the belly' and mysterious anonymous facebook tweeter Baba Jukwa have released this video, with the comment;
Alleged Zimbabwe vote rigging has been captured on camera. A video has emerged
in which alleged Zanu-PF youths were bussed in from undisclosed rural

Malaysian screening of Sri Lanka documentary results in interruption and intimidation

"What gives the Sri Lankan High Commission the right to interfere in a movie screening by a local NGO? Wouldn’t it have been more effective for the embassy officials to attend the screening and then present its side of the story?" writes a blogger, about a Malaysian film screening of that was interrupted - with obvious intimidation.

'No Fire Zone', a documentary by Callum Macrae and Zoe Sale about the killing fields of Sri Lanka, was screened at the March 2013 session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, and is featured on the Pulitzer Center's website.

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